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Minni the Witch

The Periodic Tales


Dominique "Minni" Masterson is a twenty-six year old half-Cheyenne, half-Irish witch from Cozad, Nebraska. After getting a degree in electrical engineering from Purdue, she moved to New York City, a relative wasteland of magic.

Because wizards and witches perform magic by breaking the laws of physics, they create a static build up which makes it difficult for them to integrate with electronics. But every magic user has a special ability. And since Minni's is energy manipulation, she doesn't have this problem... although she makes up for it with plenty others.

Battling demons, dragons, and evil wizards: easy.
Managing her relationships: not so much.


Copper and Gold

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Book one: Copper and gold

A magic spell has gone awry, an ancient dragon is missing, and shadow demons are hunting the night. It appears a rogue wizard wants to destroy the world - or maybe just Manhattan - and it starts with a city wide black-out that puts twenty-six year old Minni Masterson in the unfortunate position of having caused it.

Needing a distraction, Minni aids her coven's leader in finding the crazy wizard who is running amuck. The trail leads them across Manhattan with destruction following in their wake as they run from unsuspecting police and are attacked by snarling monsters.

Their discoveries put them face to face with a gold dragon whose father has been taken by the wizard. He offers to help them in their search but for only as long as it serves his own agenda.

This is all coming on the heels of Minni breaking up with the love of her life because she won’t tell him that she’s a witch; it’s the same secret which threatens to dismantle her friendship with her best friend. But this isn’t the only secret Minni so stubbornly keeps.

Before it’s all over, Minni will realize she has reached a point in her life where she has to make a decision: fight a gold dragon or deal with her failing relationships.

Fighting a dragon is easier.

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Book two: Copper and cobalt

When a stranger collapses at the only real-magic shop in Brooklyn, all signs point to attempted murder. It’s up to the owner, Phil, to find out who is behind the attack and ensure that no one else gets hurt. Since Minni Masterson just happens to have the day off, she decides she might as well help too.

That was her first mistake.

As events unfold, Minni finds herself in the middle of a game of cloak and dagger. Someone has hidden a mysterious sapphire necklace, the Cobalt Star, and is killing anyone who gets close to finding it. The trail of evidence will lead Minni across the world, into other realms, and deep within the Earth.

She’ll also be reunited with her frenemy, the dragon-turned-human Aiden Drake, who has an unlikely role to play in solving the mystery. Through Drake, Minni will get a glimpse at the inner workings of dragon society and politics, which she cares little about. All she wants to do is catch a killer, go home, and snuggle up with her boyfriend.

Is that too much to ask?

Before it’s all over, Minni will crash a fancy party, be an accessory to a kidnapping, and literally lose time.

This is what she gets for being helpful.

Publication Date: February 27th, 2019

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Copper and Cobalt

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Copper and Mercury

book three: copper and mercury

Family changes all the rules.

When Phil finds himself, and his brother, in a spot of trouble, he calls on Minni to help out. Nobody knows better, or worse, how family can make you do stupid things.

A prominent werewolf has been murdered, and for once Minni has to be the adult as she keeps Phil from doing something he will regret.

Minni does not adult well. This was probably a mistake.

Publication date: Late 2019

Book Four: Copper and PALLADIUM

No, Minni’s insurance doesn’t cover acts of dragonkin… but thanks for asking.

When a friend of Minni’s goes missing, of course she’ll do what she can help find them.

But when it’s discovered that something far more important is at stake, what will Minni sacrifice to save the day?

Publication Date: Early 2020


Copper and Palladium