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The IPHI Company was founded in 2017 by Jessica D. Coplen as a means to help local independent authors and publishers in the greater Tulsa, OK, area. The goal was to get authors in book stores and at various local conventions and events.

IPHI Books was created as a division of the IPHI Company in order to publish and promote the individual works of Jessica D. Coplen.

The name, IPHI (iffy), comes from the literary figure of Iphigenia. And like all figures of Greek legend, her story is not clearly defined. It takes on different meanings depending on who you are reading. Jessica prefers the version where Iphigenia walks to her sacrifice willingly, because she's the only one with the guts to accept her fate instead of cowering from it like the supposed heroes of the Trojan War. And for this, Iphigenia is rewarded by being wisked away to an island and not having to put up any of the drama that followed.


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Iphigenie  (1862) by  Anselm Feuerbach  © Public Domain

Iphigenie (1862) by Anselm Feuerbach
© Public Domain

Owner / AUTHOR

Jessica D. Coplen

Jessica proves that life changing events don't have to be all that life changing.

She was born and raised in Oklahoma, then after graduating with a degree in History from Northeastern State University in Talequah, OK, she moved to Warwickshire County, England. Spending four years in what Tolkien deemed the Shire, she visited many historical locations, from Stonehenge to the Colosseum. 

Returning to Oklahoma, she spent several years on the west side of the state as a manager of an eight-screen movie theater. It was then, in 2010, she started writing the Minni the Witch stories which she should publish nearly a decade later. 

Jessica has now returned to Tulsa, the land-adjacent of her youth. She joined a local writing group and through their support established The IPHI Company and IPHI Books. With The IPHI Company she helps local authors overcome social anxieties and get themselves out there to the public. With IPHI Books, she walks head long into her own.