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Headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, IPHI Books is an independent publishing house. We focus mainly on the fantasy genre, but we enjoy any story that takes convention and tilts it on its axis.

Life is a chaotic mix of the mundane and the extraordinary.

IPHI Books likes to see this reflected in its art. In the pages of our novels, reality gets in the way of a good story, creating something more organic and dynamic. Adventure is found in what we make of the situations we find ourselves in.

Life is stranger than fiction, and is perhaps a little bit IPHI.




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Current Projects

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Copper and Gold

Minni Masterson has reached a point in her life where she has to make a decision: fight a gold dragon or deal with her failing relationships.

Fighting a dragon is easier.

Publication: March 29th, 2018

Copper and Gold is the first in the Minni the Witch series. Find more about it HERE.

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Copper and cobalt

In this second novel of the Minni the Witch series, Minni is pretty sure she passed culpability somewhere between not calling 911 and kidnapping a member of the British monarchy.

She's still going to find a way to blame the dragon.

Publication: September 29th, 2018

A Detective Birch Mystery

Det. Diana Thanatos Birch is named for her father, Death Itself. When a murder looks too much like suicide, Diana has three days to prove otherwise. Since she can't exactly put Death on the witness stand, she'll make her case the hard way.

Publication: June 2019

Copper and Mercury

Blood Moon, Werewolves, and Minni Masterson. What could possibly go wrong?

Publication: March 2019


Okay, the wanton destruction of public property—that’s on me—but momentarily displacing Delaware? Yeah, that… that was totally the dragon’s fault.
— Minni Masterson, Copper and Gold